The breath-taking scenery and unusual rocky landscapes found in Anglesey are unlike anywhere else. They are often the reason that many visitors return again and again, intrigued and captivated by the wild beauty of our island’s natural assets. It comes as no surprise that the stunning rock formations found here are world famous, attracting not only admiring walkers and intrigued locals, but drawing interest from geologists and scientists around the globe.

Spend the day exploring the islands stunning coastal path, or one of the many Geo Trails and you will see that our treasured rock formations come in all shapes and sizes, colours and structures and give vital clues as to how the earth has evolved.

These rocks span 4 eras and 12 geological periods and are often the reason behind the extraordinary range of plants and animals that also call the island their home. It is no wonder then that the whole of Anglesey has been declared a Global Geopark