Rediscover Anglesey Safely

We know you are keen to ‘#RediscoverAnglesey’ in a safe and responsible way. With over 260 square miles to rediscover, including towns, beaches and footpaths, there’s plenty to enjoy safely by following the simple steps below.

A bilingual Rediscover Anglesey Safely Guidelines poster - is available for businesses and communities to download and print.

Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Respect Anglesey

Respect our Beaches and Countryside

  • If somewhere is busy Come back when its quieter and safer to do so
  • Respect others on the coast, in shops and in our communities
  • Use our beaches responsibly by following the advice given by beach wardens, coastguard and the RNLI
  • Please know your own capabilities on the water and do not place yourself or others at risk. Emergency services may not be able to respond as quickly as they might have done before
  • Respect our local communities
  • Keep to footpaths and bridleway, and do not park on private land
  • During the lockdown wildlife has moved into new areas, and we ask you to please keep your dog on a lead and stick to the paths to avoid disturbing nesting wildlife
  • Be responsible for your rubbish and taking your litter home
  • We speak Welsh. This is part of our culture and way of life, and will add to your experience. Why not set yourself the fun and very rewarding challenge of learning our beautiful language
  • Respect any specific guidelines and signage put up for you safety by the Council or our partners. Access and restrictions to certain areas could change without warning

Respect the weather and tides – Check before leaving

The weather and conditions can change quickly, please ensure you check the conditions before going out and are prepared for the day. Don’t get caught out and follow the advice of adventure smart

Protect Anglesey

Protect yourself and others.

Always follow the latest guidelines on how to #staysafe displayed in our facilities , communities and businesses, including washing your hands and social distancing
Protect the countryside and coastline

Please follow the countryside code, avoid wild camping and not lighting fires in the countryside or bringing disposable barbeques with you.

Protect the environment

Stay local where possible. Why not try getting there by bike or foot. This is the best way to explore Anglesey and see something new.

Protect yourself. Don’t make unnecessary journeys.

Please check and book in advance to ensure that your chosen facilities are open. Most businesses now have a book in advance function and we urge you to use this.

Enjoy Anglesey

Enjoy Our culture and Heritage.

Stay local, and enjoy the surrounding countryside, ancient monuments and local facilities available to you. Our culture, language and heritage are there to be enjoyed and embraced.

Enjoy learning some phrases in welsh, and use them locally.

Enjoy supporting our businesses

Many of our local businesses are now re-open, and can deliver to your doorstep. We encourage you to stay local, east local and shop local.

Enjoy sharing your memories @visitanglesey

And remember the guidelines in wales are different. For more information go to: 

As a responsible tourism destination we are keen to support the safety of all our Anglesey Residents and our visitors.

For the latest advice

Visit Wales Website

Public health Wales website: