AONB - Explore the Anglesey Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


The Isle of Anglesey’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), has one of the most distinctive, attractive and varied landscapes in the British Isles.

The coastal zone of Anglesey was designated as an AONB in 1966 and was confirmed in 1967. It was designated in order to protect the aesthetic appeal and variety of the island’s coastal landscape and habitats from inappropriate development.

The AONB is predominantly a coastal designation, covering most of Anglesey’s 201 kilometre (125 miles)coastline but also encompasses Holyhead Mountain and Mynydd Bodafon.

The approximate coverage of the Anglesey AONB is 221sq kms (21,500 hectares), and it is the largest AONB in Wales covering as it does one third of the island.

The map to the right is a guide; each area highlighted by a numbered box corresponds to a PFD version of the maps below.

You can download a full size PDF copy of the Anglesey AONB map and the 12 area maps in the downloads area. Please note that the file size of these documents is large.