Landscape - Llanbadrig to Llanlleiana

Encompassing the northernmost tip of Anglesey (and Wales), the coastline between Llanbadrig and Llanlleiana can be a strenuous walk.  However, its windswept rollercoaster hills ensure that at the crest of every hill something new is revealed.  Walking from the church at Ty’n-Llan towards Porth Llanlleiana, the steep cliffs below echo with the calls of ravens, while chough, the aerial acrobats of the crow family can frequently be seen here.  Persevere to the Jubilee Tower, a derelict summerhouse overlooking Porth Llanlleiana, and on a fine day you’ll be rewarded with views of the north Anglesey coastline in its entirety.  From here it is easy to appreciate why this area is one of the most well-known sites in North Wales for its geology, where the extremely diverse range of rock formations give clues to how the landscape was shaped millions of years ago.

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  • Countryside


    'Over 220 square miles of Anglesey’s landscapes are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. '

  • Active and Outdoors

    'Active and Outdoors'

    'Making the most of the great outdoors is easy on Anglesey, as the great outdoors is something we have plenty of. '

  • AONB


    'The Isle of Anglesey’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), has one of the most varied landscapes in Britain.'

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    'There really is nothing better than spending a lazy day at the beach! '

  • Coastal


    'Who can resist a stunning stretch of coast? '

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