Landscape - Menai Strait

The Menai Strait, or Afon Menai as it is known locally, is the sea channel that separates Anglesey from mainland Gwynedd.  It is connected to the mainland by Thomas Telford’s Menai Suspension Bridge and Robert Stephenson’s Britannia Bridge.  The Strait varies in width from about 300m to three quarters of a mile.  The central region (between the two bridges) is known as the ‘Swellies’; this is a unique environment with a strong, reversing tidal flows, rapid currents and swirling whirlpools.  The Strait also has many small, offshore islands, of which there are good views from the bridges. From the Anglesey side, there are lovely views of the Snowdonia and Carneddau mountain ranges, Conwy Bay and the towns of Bangor through to Caernarfon.

The Strait is a major geological fault, forming a transition between Anglesey and the similar-aged, but apparently unrelated, rocks of North Wales.

It was carved by ice.  This unmistakeable feature was formed by glaciers flowing from Snowdonia, and by the Irish Sea ice stream which covered Anglesey during the last ice age approximately 22,000 years ago (www.bgs.ac.uk).

The Strait is also a marine Special Area of Conservation (SAC), with a rich variety of habitats including sea inlets and estuaries, mud and sand flats, lagoons, salt marsh, shingle beaches, sea cliffs and submerged limestone reefs.

Particular highlights along the Menai Strait include the Newborough Warren sand dune complex, the Swellies with the backdrop of Telford’s Menai Bridge and the Carneddau, and Beaumaris, Penmon and Black Point.

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