Wildlife - Dingle Local Nature Reserve

The Dingle woodland nature reserve forms part of the valley of the Afon Cefni, which flows through the centre of Llangefni, Anglesey’s county town.  The Dingle is easily accessible from Llangefni, and the Lôn Las Cefni cycle path passes through it.  The reserve makes for pleasant walking, via its footpaths, trails and boardwalks.  There are a number of interesting wooden sculptures at various points in the woodland. 

The Dingle is a good place to see woodland birds, as well as some that favour riverine habitats.  The kinds of woodland birds that can be seen include great spotted woodpecker, bullfinch, great tit, robin, and wren. Nearer the river, you may spot the more elusive kingfisher, or a dipper, bobbing on a boulder in the river before dashing into the water to catch aquatic insect larvae.  Moorhen and mallard nest on the river, and heron, cormorant, and grey wagtail are frequently encountered.  The river supports populations of brown trout, eel, and salmon, and one of their principal predators, the otter, often scouts the area in search of prey.  

The reserve is a haven for bats, and species such as lesser horseshoe, whiskered, brown long-eared and Natterer’s bats have been recorded.  Typical woodland plants include bluebell, lesser celandine and wood anemone, with yellow flag iris, marsh marigold, and meadowsweet occurring in the wetter areas.  The woodland’s dominant tree species include oak, ash, Scot’s pine, beech and sweet chestnut.  There are also over 200 different species of fungi, some of which are nationally rare in Wales.

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