Wildlife Highlights - Lapwing

Also known as ‘peewits’ in reference to their calls – lapwings are striking birds with their contrasting plumage and distinctive crest.  They were a once familiar sight in farmland areas, but have suffered a serious decline in recent years.  Many are resident in the U.K. all year round, with populations swelled in the winter time by large numbers of incoming European birds.  Good places to see lapwings on Anglesey include Cors Erddreiniog, Valley Lakes, and Malltraeth Marsh.

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  • Active and Outdoors

    'Active and Outdoors'

    'Making the most of the great outdoors is easy on Anglesey, as the great outdoors is something we have plenty of. '

  • AONB


    'The Isle of Anglesey’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), has one of the most varied landscapes in Britain.'

Other Attractions

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