Wildlife Highlights - Peregrine Falcon

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As far as record-breaking speed is concerned, the peregrine falcon is the undisputed title-holder!  These remarkable birds have been recorded at speeds in excess of 200 mph during their aerial dives, or stoops, which they perform when stalking their prey.  Peregrines are superbly adapted to their high-speed lifestyles.  They have large eyes – their sight being some 8 times keener than that of humans – and their long, pointed wings are folded close to their bodies when diving to reduce drag.  They even have specially adapted nostrils, with ‘tubercles’, that act in a similar way to the nose-cones of aircraft, slowing the flow of air before it reaches the bird’s lungs.  Peregrines are year-round Anglesey residents, nesting on cliffs, and occasionally up on high on man-made structures.