Wildlife - South Stack

If you want the chance to experience the thrilling spectacle of thousands of nesting seabirds in the spring and summer time, South Stack is a must!  Situated on Holy Island’s north west coast, the area is directly accessible from the Anglesey Coastal Path.

There is a large car park at the RSPB reserve, which is adjacent to a visitor centre and café.  South Stack’s huge seabird colony is home to many different species, including guillemots, razorbills, puffins, and kittiwakes and Mank Shearwaters and gannets are sometimes seen off the coast. You can get amazing close-up views of the nesting birds at Ellin’s Tower, which contains binoculars, telescopes and live CCTV images streamed directly from the cliff face!  South Stack also has the largest area of maritime heathland in North Wales, which contains a vast number of plant species like thrift, kidney vetch, spring squill, greater stitchwort, lousewort, sea campion and seaside centaury.  Some of the rare plants that can be found there include spotted rock-rose (Anglesey’s county flower), and spathulate fleawort – which grows nowhere else in the world except for the heathland of Holy Island!  The rocky heather- covered cliffs support breeding chough and peregrine, and during the summer, the air can be full of the melodious song of skylarks.  As well as its fabulous collection of birds, South Stack is a good place to see reptiles including adder and common lizard, which you can see – if you’re quiet - basking in sunny spots in the heathland.  There are also many different types of butterflies and moths including silver studded blue, large skipper, small pearl-bordered fritillary, shark moth, white ermine moth, and gold spot moth.  You may also see stoats and weasels, playfully frolicking around in the heathland areas.

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