Menai Bridge Fair

The funfair will be returning to Menai Bridge this October.

Come to Water Street, Wood Street and Telford Road and visit the rides and stalls!

Please note: The town's car parks will be occupied by the funfair, therefore we kindly ask that all visitors make suitable travel arrangements prior to arriving at the funfair.

Other Things to do

  • Adventure Boat Rides Rib Ride

    'Adventure Boat Rides Rib Ride'

    'Whether it's the adrenalin rush of high speed turns or the encounters with wildlife, you are sure to leave the boats with a smile on your face.'

  • Landscape Menai Strait

    'Landscape Menai Strait'

    'The Menai Strait, or Afon Menai as it is known locally, is the sea channel that separates Anglesey from mainland Gwynedd. '

Other Attractions

  • Menai Heritage - The Menai Bridges Exhibition

    'Menai Heritage - The Menai Bridges Exhibition'

    'This community based museum tells the story of crossing the Menai Strait and celebrates the iconic, historic bridges and the famous engineers who built them. '

  • Psyched Adventures

    'Psyched Adventures'

    'Psyched Paddleboarding provide SUP Day Adventures, Introduction to Paddleboarding, SUP Safety and Awareness Skills, Paddleboard Guiding, SUP Micro Adventures and SUP...'