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Cemaes tidal bell at low tide like an alien on the beach

Coastal Path: Cemaes to Amlwch Port

Cemaes tidal bell at low tide like an alien on the beach

Route description and map download for section 3 of the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path.

The route description is included below and can also be downloaded as a file to store on your device for when you're out and about on the walk.

Route description

Walk along Bridge Street, over the bridge and opposite the Gwelfor turning, bear left down to a car park.

Walk through the car park, along the promenade and through another car park. Begin to walk up the lane, turning left to ascend a steep set of steps along the cliff path (National Trust – Penrhyn Mawr). Bear right at a split in the paths and go through a kissing gate. Bear left along the edge of the field, around the headland. Go through another gate, down and up a set of steps through the site of an old quarry and through another gate. Walk across the field heading towards White Lady Rock.

Go through a gate, down and up a couple of sets of steps, and follow an enclosed path. When you reach Porth Padrig bay you can either cross the beach or take a path up a lane to Llanbadrig Church.

For the beach option carry straight on, through a gate and descend onto the sand, walking across it to pick up a gentle incline up a slope onto Llanbadrig Point headland. Curving East around the headland you will re-join the main path at the rear of the churchyard. To avoid tidal restrictions, turn right at the path junction, up the fenced path to join a lane. Turn left and follow the lane up to Llanbadrig Church. Before the church, turn left through a gate and follow the wall around the churchyard, bearing right.

Go through a gate and follow the fence line on your right past Ogof Gynfor. Carry on up a hill, bearing left on reaching a wall. Go through a kissing gate, and again follow a fence on your right. Bear right, descend a set of steps, and follow the wall on your right running parallel with the coastline. Ascend the hill, through two kissing gates, and again keep following the wall on your right up the proceeding hill. Dropping down, descend a flight of steps to reach Porth Llanlleiana.

From Porth Llanlleiana you have the option of taking a steeper path up to Dinas Gynfor or an easier option around the back of the headland. For the easier option Bear right in front of the old building, through a gateway and follow a track around the back of the headland. Bear left at a junction in the paths, following a gently ascending path to meet the end of the steep option on the approach to Porth Cynfor.

For the steeper option, carry straight on between the end of the building and the circular walls, zigzagging up the steep slope. At the top of the hill head in the direction of the watchtower. Walk past the watchtower, bear left at a split in the paths, following the ridgeline of the headland. Curve right around the headland, to head away from the sea. Where the gentle option path meets you, turn left and descend to Porth Cynfor.

Go over the stile, up a set of steps, and on rounding the headland Porthwen comes into view. Go past the old winch and then drop down bearing right towards Porthwen bay. There is an option here to turn left to ascend onto Porthwen headland.

Follow a worn path with the brickworks below you, then bear left off the track to go through two kissing gates. After the second, head left and follow the hedge on your left to cross two small footbridges. Bear right up a hill, then curving left by a rocky outcrop, cross a stream, and through a gate by a small area of woodland. Head towards the white house - Castell, in front of you. Follow the fence line on your left, bearing right up to a kissing gate, and then drop down heading towards the house.

Go over a stile, pass the house, up the drive, and carry straight on where the drive bears right. Go through a farm gate and continue along the walled track. At the end of the track bear left following the coastline. Follow the coastline east away from Porthwen. Go through a kissing gate, up a set of steps, and along the coast at Allt Ebolion.

Go through another gate and keep following the coast around Ogof Pwll y Delysg. On approaching Bull Bay, at the two kissing gates, take the left-hand gate around Trwyn Melyn headland. Head towards the house on the cliff, and follow the path round over a stile, through a parking area and through a gate on the left. Follow a surfaced track, down a set of steps, along a walled path. You will come out next to the Bull Bay Hotel.

Turn left, and at the junction by the boathouse turn left. On joining the main road turn left. Continue along the road past the Trecastell Hotel. At the end of a lay-by opposite the Bull Bay Golf Club turn left along an enclosed path.

Go over a stone stile, up a couple of steps, up a hill and across a field heading towards the farm on the horizon. Descend a step of steps, over a stile, and bear left at a split in the paths. Follow the coastline past Traeth Dynion. Keep close to the coast and go over a small footbridge, to follow a stone wall on your right. Bear left around the wall keeping close the coast. Just before the chemical plant, turn right to cross a drain following a wall on your right. Go up a set of steps, and go through the gate, past Costog Fawr cottage.

Follow the drive straight on, past a junction, and turn left on going through a kissing gate. Bear right, heading towards a housing estate. Go through a gateway across a railway line, through another gate to come out on a road. Turn right, passing a left turn, and go through a small gate on your left to drop down along the right hand side of the Afon Goch.

Go through the gate and cross the playing field. Walk through the car park at the end, and turn left along a lane. Almost immediately turn right. As an additional option you can follow this lane to Trwyn Penwaig. Otherwise bear right onto a grass path, over a small bridge to come out next to the slipway at the rear of Amlwch Port.

Turn left along a hedged path to come out at the harbour. Walk along the quay past the watchtower. Head up past the Sail-loft café, through the bollards on the right-hand side of the building, crossing a road to follow the lane to the public car park at Llam Carw.



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